Kushe Mica, Founder of the first school for Albanian women

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Kushe Mica was a self-taught woman from the city of Shkodër in Albania. For ten years, she studied with a Dalmatian priest, Marko Rebeskin. Her intelligence was sharp, and at the same time she also mastered the French and Italian languages. 

In 1859 she opened the first lay women’s school in Shkodër, called the School of Kushe Mica. The school opened despite many impediments put it ints way by the Turkish authorities; the opening ceremony was simple, but well attended.

The school taught writing, reading, numbers (arithmetic), drawing, song (music) and handiworks. It operated for 45 years until 1904, when it was closed. Kushe was assisted in administrative matters by her brother, Ndreka.

The activity of Kushe’s school was supported by donations from the people, fought for the spread of Albanian education, especially that of women. Kushe devoted almost her entire life to teaching girls. She died at the age of 72 on 3 March 1913.

The example of Kushe also served as an inspiration for other women to open similar shools. For example, the Women’s School of Tina Nika was founded a year after the school in Shkodër (1860), and schools were also opened by Tereza Bërdica and Tone Radoja.

1841 Born in Shkodër

1859 Founded first women’s school

1904 School closed

1913 3 March, passed away


Extracted from “Distinguished Albanian Women” – Edi Shukriu

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