Julie Malushi, the last of the romantics…

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Julie Malushi, for whom does not know who she might be (I am sure that many do not know her, because she was not a character, beyond the label : single). She was I guess, the last of her kind.

I was always curious about her, walking through the streets of Tirana, most of the time alone, dressed in pink colour that says, : I’m here and I’m single. I remember Julie with her short but very feminine haircut. A character for many; quite common, without any career break, asking for nothing… beyond the “state salary” and a soulmate. 

Julie was the last romantic one with that non typical appearance, as the modern days require. Often, her image could be analyzed even with the most offensive sentences.

But for a more interested and careful eye, Julie, was strong inside her own world. She was alone. It was in e broken age. And yet, without any post-modern complex, she has always recognised the fact that she was looking for someone special… A little like a character out of the books of Goethe or Tolstoy, shifted into a real and a brutal context. 

I do not know much about Julie. I have just fixed her dress style “I’m single” and the bigudins, I imagined she was wearing every night, before bed time.

What I remember is that before leaving forever, in a common hello, somewhere in the city, in a moment, she did not recognize us.

After being reminded, she only said that: “Please do not tell anyone about the fact that I do not remember much.” She was ill. 

I betrayed her little message, but not the message. 


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