ETUTA (Binjamen Haxha) Second Century BC

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Etuta (Etleva) was a Dardanian princess who lived in the first half of the Dardanian king Monun (Monounions) and became the wife of the Illyrian king Gentius.

In the fourth century BC, the Dardanius created the state of Dardania, which included Kosova of today, northwest Macedonia and southern Serbia, including Nish (ancient Naissus). From the third century BC and up to the Roman conquest, Dardania had conflicts with the Macedonian state for a long time , the Dardanian kings entered into alliances with that state, especially in the wars to resist Roman power. Dardanian state even entered into an alliance with the Roman Republic to take part beside it in fierce wars when Dardanian interests were affected. (.. / Distinguished Albanian Women – Edi Shukriu 

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