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By Silvi Bakiri

S. Sandra Hoffman. A very famous writer in Germany, who lives in Munich, comes for the second time in Albania, welcomed by Poeteka, with the mission to invite talented writers: Men and women, who wish to reach their life goals through a brilliant path. Her own path.

“I reached my dream, working very hard for my books. I wish the same for young writers. I am happy to inspire Albanian writers.” 

How does it feel to be famous? 

I am famous for my books. I like to give opportunities to younger writers. I really like to inspire them.

What do you think of Albania? Do we help talents, enough? 

I don’t really understand why talented people want to go abroad to reach their dreams. Why do they have this desire. I think that they have a lot of opportunities here. They must look deeper. They must use spaces and opportunities more.

Should people with more experience professionally help them a bit more? 

Writers, like myself should share with the world their work. Workshops and poetry nights can help to promote writers. It would be really wonderful to make them part of bigger organizations, which can help to achieve everything they deserve, faster.

For what are you more proud in your professional life / in your love life? 

I am proud because I created a life based on writing. I love my work. I live my profession.

How can a writer publish a book, in Germany? What steps do they follow? 

They become part of competitions. They win prices. Important ones, and they use them to become important, so they can inspire more readers and more talents.

You are also a women rights fighter. A strong and successful one, of course. How German women fight for their rights? 

I like Angela Merkel. She’s a strong and a qualified politician. She helps women a lot. German women are strong and real fighters. Professionally and during all their lifetime.










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