Bellomo dhe kinemaja indipendente italiane

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Regjisori Fabrizio Bellomo, RS si pjesë e kinemasë italiane, pjesë edhe e TIFF (Tirana International Film Festival), disa herë në Tiranë, edhe në evente të ndryshme organizuar nga ky festival, ka sjellë një thyerje në kinemanë klasike. Atë që të gjithë e njohin si ‘kinemaja italiane’.

Pata rastin ta njoh nga afër shumë shkurt, por nuk munda të kem një intervistë të plotë mbi karakterin dhe atë çka ai përfaqëson për filmin italian (kinematografinë italiane).


Për Gentlewomen, Fabrizio Bellomo i përgjigjet disa pyetjeve lidhur me ndikimin e kinemasë italiane në krijimin e karakterit të tij, e natyrisht, edhe veprave.


S. What can we say about the Italian cinema?

I think the Italian cinema in the last 20 years

has had good times… but,

if you want to find the best works produced,

you must search in the independent

cinema, like in the cinema of Pietro Marcello

and Sara Fgaier “La Bocca del Lupo”,

“La Pivellina” by Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel

or in the first films by Matteo Garrone

like “Terra di Mezzo”.

& also All films ‘in between’, between cinema,

auto-representation and fiction.

I saw it the last month at the Centre

Pompidou during the festival Cinéma

du Réel the DOC called “SELFIE” by

Agostino Ferrente!

S. What is your favorite director?

What’s your favorite movie?

It’s not simple for me to have the right answer

but I love all movies from

Matteo Garrone. He is the best

contemporary Italian director ‘Estate Romana

with my friend, Salvatore Sansone,

is one my favourite Garrone’s movie.

I follow with interest the work and the films

by Alice Rohrwacher and by director Pippo

Mezzapesa and the screenwriter Antonella Gaeta.

S. What do you think about the Albanian cinema?

I know just some Albanian movies, like

for example “Parullat”

and “Tirana anno zero”;

I loved them so much. I know various

films produced by Albanian producers such as

my short 🎥  “E per te canterò tutta la vita” –

Dritan Huqi, like: “Der Albaner”.

And the films by my friend Robert Budina.

I see the Albanian Cinema like part

of the Balkan Cinema!

S. What is your future, regarding movies?

What are you planning to do?

I don’t have a plan for a new one.

I have just some ideas, for now.

S. What’s your point of view about


(Actors, directors and the good use of cinema)

Some months ago I saw on a wall

in the streets,  this reference :

“where you can’t love –  don’t stop” and

I think that this sentence is ok for all questions

of the life, and also for the cinema!

S. What should “multitalented” people do

to be part of the big 📺?

The contemporary cultural world

(and not only cinema world) is a space,

where a director can work like an actor and

where, a visual artist can become a director

and a lots of these examples are possible.


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