Scient of a Woman

Nga  | 

Anisa Hysesani

Prisoner of a prison

Woman, sitted in a corner of a room

full of regrets, calling your fate

Silence is the King.

Is she a prisoner of herself?

She search

to regain power

to be stronger

To scream to the world

“It’s me!”

But, what happens in the end

is just a new circle

and another one in her walks,

She’s sometimes happy

She’s sometimes sad

This world is still her luxurious space,

She is still a prisoner of a prison !

Soul, is her last refuge

Matilda Haska, Fier 


…regreting what I think…

but you made a prisoner of it,

you didn’t came back

the dark glance in me

tears are smiling still,

regrets are speaking, at you

me, I was, love

you, the sinner

You walk like the wind

on the red carpet

I try to grab what is still there

I remember how far I have gone

without you in me

You come and go

with no words in your mouth,

only the look in your head

was shouting ‘i’m so sorry

me, in love with your fragrance

I beg you ‘come back

you, crazy in love with a craziness

fell apart in the silence…

me, the stupid one,

i shouted back

‘come again,

but you left

but you are always going to be

a beauty’

Emiljana Kalemi, Fier 

You will not die

You will not die,

your aesthetic hopefully,

give birth still, to yourself

weak bubbles of an iron girl

I’m not going to die from you

I am not going to die from love

when I see in my feet

I’ll say

”I died from love”

Sabina Veizaj, Tiranë


Wich soul is going to come alive

in another life,

I take you by the hand

and I breastfeed myself

What’s the smell? The smell that keeps me warm

How much you protect me,

those small hands hug me still

Queen of this infinite Queenland

I see you, in love,

with an infinite desire

Sky, Pavements, bread, souls, feeling!

Queen of every kingdom

Isidor Koti, Tiranë

You break up from a woman 

You are not a greek dissertation

nor an isle

sometimes happy, sometimes sad

Heavy… heavy words,

don’t break like a mirror

in the times of a heavy thought

and, I don’t know what you did

what did you do

someome like you is so irreplaceable

this Sky changes, because of you

You said “i’ll go”

These clouds went away, with you

winter is till here

Far from you, embracing

the silent silence of this

“Claire ͏d͏e la lune”

… that came from a rain, another rain /
























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