Aromë gruaje ©️photography

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©️/ the absurdity of a moment

Reald Keta, Something is missing, Tiranë

I am an orphan

I walk through the Amazons

I drank from wolf’s blood

They putted me inside a heart,

full of poetry

When, at the leafs,

we see a white mark,

we run in that direction

to take her.


We couldn’t embrace her.

As poets,

full of grieving desires,

to drink pure and clean air

we cried her body…

mother light.

A woman’s delicacy, Silvi Mema, Tiranë

Some parfume with a lemon’s fragrance

A dress as big as Platon,

Some lipstick from the colors of roses

A beautiful charm, fading like a candle

A pair of nice shoes, gold one.

In high heals, with elegance

A golden bijou

With eyes like an olive tree.


Beautiful lips

make you feel hungry.

Hands, like silk

who wasn’t touch from those hands

and didn’t felt the burn?!

A pure soul just like

a clean and dark universe

A beautiful mind in search for a why.

A deep love, which is born inside,

It’s nothing more that

the portrait of a woman.

Alketa Maksuti, Tiranë 

You, me 

If you suffer to the bone,

bones are there to make you feel alive,

If you suffer deeply

you are going to take the power

nobody else exept


I see you

see me suffering

with pain

You walk in the streets

With a crying song in your mouth

You passing by the street

You suffer

you suffer so much

I see you looking at me

Nobody is part of your people


Only pain and difference are together

with me and you

Life is so boring

When I cannot see you

When you cannot see me

So sad,

second after second I understand

every minute of life finishing








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