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Besnike Dervisholli, Fush Kosova

Eternal love, you woman being

I say everything about you, because you are everything to me

The growing melody, gives life to the spirit

In the memories place, the green scient

It brings the corners of happiness with oil and love!

Poetry for you is – tears,

Pride remains in the sunshine!

‘The dance of a good soul – it brings a kanjusha dance

It sings heartbeats, smiles and a soft neck   

I live through myself,

You, dear!

a new song, as always!

The same way, Eve brought Adam into the light,

in a song key

Chorus – Love!

(the fading face of a dear one,

who left)

Besmira Nika, Lezhë

You, that are the missing words!

You are a pair of stars,

which spread in a million pieces

You are a big wave ‘

that comes and goes through rocks.

You are the air,

feeds humanity

You are such a beauty,

and which it can be found

You are a strong power,

a strong force,

And when you think about,

You loosezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The world is shaking before you,

you are a sweet little thing,

with a little touch on it,

you can make mountains dessapear

Shkëlqim Osmani, Shkodër

To my daughter!

You are the light in my eyes,

the sweetness of words coming in my dreams,

you are the oxygen that fulfill my lungs

you are the understanding of my life, who had not a value

You are the magic lips which make me feels e real “bubble ‘ ‘

you are the warm feeling of me, in myself, now

the beautiful caress of a heart who brings the light

You are my world, when I am alone,

paradise on earth when I’m afraid from sins,

You are my dream coming true,

please don’t go because I still love you.

Aida Bido, Durrës

I want to go far away!

I want to go far away, there, when no one can find me.

I want to meet no one, to loose myself in tears

I want to disseapear from this world, full of darkness

To make this world disappear

I’m crying in pain

Only pain has a meaning,

nothing has a sense here, my soul suffers.

I close myself within, I begin crying with no hope

so nobody can listen to me ‘’

I don’t want them, to see me suffer

I want to go far away, there, where anybody recognizes me

To begin from the beginning, another life in peace

Jonida Salku, Tiranë


Who found it, told me

that I know it?

Who saw him, told me that he was blessed

Who knows, love what colour and smell have?

How many other letters should I write? ‘’

To put a name on it, an explanation, a thought, so difficult…

“I love you” everybody say and nobody sais

Only a non reasonabl soul can give an explanation

It’s the coming and going mind-heart

Where we are not anymore “me and you” but just us

with a never ending line

created from a new ADN

And everything becomes in the surface,

And I become tired, there is no explanation “

no matter “

how many verces “ you write

these are just word puzzles before what love is

Fiona Karalliu, Vlorë

The dissobedience of a tear

I found my eyes in the skies

There when our love began

There also the sun went crazy that day,

it was your birthday!

A kiss spoke as much as milions of promises,

The sky full of stars in my heart!

The sea and the wave brought dreams

The rainbow of a smile, the only one memory.

Stars fell from the sky in your hairs,

The face of a moon became a mirror,

There, in the sea, you said I love you

Only on that moment I saw love “

Was magic, covered with fire,

Fire which can bring fire to the heart of the world

She was my first love,

Tears are my evidence! “

Natasha Lushaj, Tiranë

To Her

Under a tree, ray of lights put their shades in the sea,

I can see clearly shells under a sun

I can see clearly the particles

again the beauty gives me beauty

un unclear feeling which May usually has

Just like clouds become mythical triangles

That’s why thoughts are better

And than the sun draw shades

I got blind

Golden waterfalls flow from the sky,

little by little

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