Urani Rumbo, Fighter for women’s emancipation

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Urani Rumbo, a teacher and proponent of education and culture, was committed all her life to the emancipation of Albanian people and in particular of women.

Urani was born in 1984, in the city of Gjrokastër, at a time of great changes, when Albanians were in the fever of their attempts for liberty and at the same time  was directly engaged in the progress of Albanian culture and education. In 1919 she founded the women’s school Koto Hoxhi in Gjirokastër and became its director.

Her unsparing commitment bore fruit in the foundation of the first women’s association in the old city of Gjirokastër. It was called Përparimi (Progress) and both had an impact on raising the educational and cultural level of women by giving them the moral support for going further on the paths of emancipation that had been opened.

Urani’s activity was also visible as a member of the progressive Gjrokastër association Drita (The Light). With the help of this association, in her continuing attemts for gender equality, she succeeded in having the high school of Gjirokastër attended both by boys and girls. This school thus became one of the first temples of common education without distinction of gender.

Urani also wrote articles in the Gjirokastër press, and her contribution to the development of culture was equally great. She was the first organiser of theatrical performances in the ancient city, through the associations Drita and the women’s association Përparimi.

Author Iljaz Gogaj has writen a book in Albanian about her: Urani Rumbo – distinguished worker of the Albanian school, Tartari, Tiranë, 2008.


Extracted from the book “Distinguished Albanian Women” – Edi Shukriu

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